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Photo Editing

  Magical Camera or is it photo editing?   Im ready for my Close UP!   One of my friends loves to have her picture taken.. She says I have a magical camera! Another friend swears that her pancake makeup works great every time she gets her photos back, lol! Should I tell [...]

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Why Take Family Photos at the Beach

Why take family photos at the beach? “While the whole family is here, let’s do this!” Family beach vacations can certainly be magical. The sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the salt in the air, and the smiles shining through the eyes of those we love create long lasting memories. Reminiscing through [...]

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Beach Shutters Orange Beach Photo location of the day

Orange Beach Photo Location Waterfront Park Location: 26425 Canal Road (1/4 mile east of Highway 161) The Orange Beach Photo Location waterfront park is a great photo location in Orange Beach that is not on the beach. There is a large wooden playground for the kids. If you make it all the way back to [...]

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