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is it edited photos or the Magical camera

Magical Camera or is it photo editing?


Im ready for my Close UP!


One of my friends loves to have her picture taken.. She says I have a magical camera! Another friend swears that her pancake makeup works great every time she gets her photos back, lol!

Should I tell them about photo editing?

Probably not, but I will tell you.I love edits! I just can’t wait to get my card out of the camera and the photos downloaded. The edits start while the card is still downloading.. Just one or two, or maybe ten! It’s addictive. I like to keep it natural, just better. I have my little secrets that make you look well rested and vibrant. I do remove some imperfections.. like acne, and inconsistencies. Then focus on the background.

My images are shot in a raw format which allows me to play around with the exposure, lights & darks, and enhance the colors when needed. There are so many options.. just a simple temperature adjustment can make a cold grey day, look warm and sunny.

After these adjustments, I take a look at the photo to see whats needed and what could just as well be cropped. Also the horizon needs to be perfectly straight. Now is the time to examine the background again to see if there are any distractions to be removed or maybe softened so the focus can be on the subject -YOU!

Now that I am almost finished, I look for any need to layer some colors in the background, or smooth a complexion, maybe fine tune the skin tone. Now you’re looking good, really good haha! In fact, your photo is ready to be converted to JPEG and emailed to you in High Resolution. Step by step, you look marvelous! So put on the pancake make up, and smile with confidence! I will meet you at the beach with my magical camera!

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