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Just for Fun

Here at beach shutters we are not all “stand over there and watch the birdie kid” and it shows.  Beach vacations should be fun so we encourage you to have as much fun as legally possible.  So go ahead and be yourself.   If you are having fun so are we.  The beaches of Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and Gulf Shores provide the most amazing background you could ask for.  All that we need is some imagination to get a real wall hanger or a conversation piece.  If  you have ideas for your photo session we encourage you to share them with us.  It is perfectly Ok to bring props, changes of clothes and crazy uncles.   We will do our best to turn it into something special.  Here are some examples of shots we took Just for Fun and they turned out great.  Props and crazy ideas are always welcome.  Remember family photos at the beach are supposed to be fun.  We hope this will be your favorite and lasting memory from Summer Vacation of 20xx.

catching the family on the run with Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach

Family Fun Time!

at Phoenix West with a family photo session by Beach Shutters

Getting some Air!

Hotel Pool after the photo shoot at the Turquoise Place in Orange Beach

Ready Set Jump!

no wonder Beach Shutters is the best photographer in Orange Beach

Strong Dad


Go ahead and be Silly at Fort Morgan

Family Fun using Silly String as a prop.

Fort Morgan Gulf Shores, Al beach House photos

Beach house fun on Fort Morgan Road

too cute, he got moms camera and can use it! Probably can use the ipad better than me

How about I take the photos!

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