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Family Reunion Photos

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Family Reunion Photos Family Reunion Photos are very popular.  Getting the gang together for a beach vacation is for some a once in a lifetime event, and for others a yearly tradition.  Which ever the case, having photos while everyone is here is a must!  This is the day all of the mom’s love about [...]

What to Wear for Photo Sessions

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What to Wear for Photo Sessions What should we wear to our Family Photo Session is a very common question.  In fact, it is my second most asked question.. right after availability!  It is a good question, with no right or wrong answer!  There are those that always stick with the Classic White look, and for [...]

Super Model Family Photos

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Super Model Family Photos Ok, these are not actually super model family photos, but they could be!  These are just regular families, just like yours!  I wanted you to see just how easy it is to look like a million bucks,  just look at these random examples of some previous Beach Shutters sessions.  They all met me at the beach for either [...]

A Family Sunset Session

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A Family Sunset Session The best time of day for a family sunset session is 30 minutes before the sun actually sets.  The lighting is just right for that soft portrait look that everyone wants.  There are virtually no shadows on the face, and no squinting for those with sensitive eyes.  Another bonus is the [...]

Photographing Redheads


Photographing Redheads When photographing Redheads, I keep in mind that only 2% of the population has naturally red hair.  This gets 100% of my attention!  I am Seeing RED!  Redheads stand out in a crowd, the vivid color catches the eye, so no wonder my lens loves a redhead.  Most of my clients are vacationers, [...]

Just for Fun

Just for Fun Here at beach shutters we are not all "stand over there and watch the birdie kid" and it shows.  Beach vacations should be fun so we encourage you to have as much fun as legally possible.  So go ahead and be yourself.   If you are having fun so are we.  The [...]

Santa Photos


Santa Photos in Orange Beach It is that time of year again.. Time to think about Christmas cards and Santa Photos.  I am happy to announce Beach Shutters Photography has plans for our yearly tradition of Beach Santa photos in Orange Beach next month!  We had lots of fun last year at our 2 Santa [...]

edited photos

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Why only edited photos? Why I deliver only edited photos.  Photography is art, and it is my intention to create a piece of art that has a personal touch.  You and your family are the subjects of your own personal masterpiece!  For this reason, I edit all of my images.  I will go through a [...]

Family Beach Photos

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Family Beach Photos Some of our favorite Family Beach Photos of early 2016. from the first half of 2016.  We have enjoyed capturing each family and their unique stories.  It makes me so happy that these amazing families have chosen me to create these memories of their beach vacations.  The photo shoot locations were taken [...]



Siblings There is no greater friendship or rivalry than with siblings. Even if the car-ride to the beach was stressful, and there was fighting and arguing in the backseat, when they get to the beach and you all get in vacation mode... it can be the time of your life.  Siblings have a bond that [...]

Beach Couples


Beach Couples I got you babe. Fall in love all over again at the beach.  Here at the Beach Couples will find that special of blend and relaxing time and salt air brings out the best in us.  Take a minute and grab some photos with your sweetie.  I really enjoy the variety of poses [...]

Family Beach Portraits

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Family Beach Portraits Everyone wants a great family beach portrait, and we understand why! Family beach portraits are our most popular request for photos.  What better way to capture this years beach vacation.  A night out at dinner is great fun, but for about the same price you could capture that magical feeling that only [...]

Children’s Photography


Children's Photography Here at Beach Shutters we love our kids.  We strive to capture your child's unique personality.  There is more to Children's Photography than just posing for a photo.  It is my objective to capture for you, a one of a kind timeless photo that you will want to proudly display in your home.  This is [...]

Best Shots Ever


There should be a new word in the dictionary for beautiful, perfect conditions, had the beach to ourselves. best shots ever! The Steffens always get rained out of beach pictures.. it tried to happen again. We stuck it out, got alittle wet, then ran out when the rain stopped. Totally worth it!

Like a Nautica Ad


It all came together beautifully..Lighting, clouds, gorgeous family. If thats not enough, nature added a live starfish to our evening. Accidentally Awesome! To me, they look like a Nautica Ad I found out Stacie is a photographer as we were leaving.  I would have been nervous had I known! She specializes in newborns. [...]

Casual Beach Portraits of the Happy Couple in Orange Beach

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Laci and Rene - Casual Beach Portraits of the Happy Couple in Orange Beach I brought my husband with me on this Photo Shoot.  We met Laci and Rene at their hotel for a 30 min  Photo session.  I will have to say that Laci knew what photos she wanted and how to get [...]

Evans Beach Wedding


We had a great time photographing the Evans beach wedding. The weather on the beach could not have been more perfect.  Best wishes to the bride and groom you were wonderful.    

Butler Family

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This young family was vacationing in the Orange Beach area and were in need of some casual beach sunset photos.  We were more than happy to help.  All they had to bring was their smiles and we took care of the rest.  The results as you can see were some High quality relaxed, candid, and [...]

Carmon and Carter


Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale - Hans Christen Anderson

Chris and Kelly

You may kiss your bride if you can catch her :-)

Presenting the beautiful Russell family


Presenting the beautiful Russell family. Lots of smiles (and a few tears from the baby) but we were able to get several great shots of this happy group.

Dog Photos


Dog Photos Let's take some dog photos at the beach!  We all love our dogs!  They complete the family, don't they!  If you are vacationing with your pup and would like to include the family pet in your family photos, let me know in advance!  There are some places that pets are allowed on the [...]

Kontoulas Kids

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Because they are only young once