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edited photos

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Why only edited photos? Why I deliver only edited photos.  Photography is art, and it is my intention to create a piece of art that has a personal touch.  You and your family are the subjects of your own personal masterpiece!  For this reason, I edit all of my images.  I will go through a [...]

Weddings and Anniversaries


Weddings and Anniversaries   We had such a great time creating the "From this day forward" collection of photos.  Each photo has a special memory for me, I am always thankful for the opportunity to witness a wedding or anniversary from behind the lens. Weddings and Anniversaries are a big part of photography and I [...]

Casual Beach Portraits of the Happy Couple in Orange Beach

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Laci and Rene - Casual Beach Portraits of the Happy Couple in Orange Beach I brought my husband with me on this Photo Shoot.  We met Laci and Rene at their hotel for a 30 min  Photo session.  I will have to say that Laci knew what photos she wanted and how to get [...]

Mr. & Mrs. Medeiros wedding photos


We would like to give a big congratulations to the new Mederios family.  The were so easy to work work with.  We made the best wedding photos together.

Evans Beach Wedding


We had a great time photographing the Evans beach wedding. The weather on the beach could not have been more perfect.  Best wishes to the bride and groom you were wonderful.