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Edited Photos

What do You mean by Edited Photos Edited Photos As I am sitting here at my desk, doing what I do each day, I thought I would share a "Before and After" so you see what happens with your Edited Photos. I use the RAW setting on my camera to allow me to deliver [...]

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Family portraits

Family portraits So you’re thinking about taking family portraits while you’re on vacation in Orange Beach. You are not alone. Now you are thinking “my husband and kids will never agree to this”. They actually will! You would be surprised to hear how many moms start out our conversation like this. Vacation time is not [...]

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I love Orange Beach and want everyone else to see its beauty!

I love my town and want everyone else to see its beauty! I am in the planning stage of a large photography project here in Orange Beach. I want to create a compilation of of all the cool things Orange Beach and Gulf Shores has to offer and put it into a fast moving slideshow. [...]

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